The Shanty Irish Band

The Shanty Irish Band consists of several friends who enjoy making traditional Irish folk music similar to what one would hear in ‘singing pubs’ scattered throughout Ireland. Much of our music dates from the 18th and 19th centuries and tells tales of fighting and revolution, love, and the wonders of poitin and porter (whisky and beer). We are a not-for-profit group and can be coerced to play for noble (and not-so-noble) causes.

About Shanty Irish

Purpose: Music and Fun

Years together: 16

Number of Members: 9

The band consists of:

* Mike Burkey (founder, Public Defender)

     vocals, whistle, bodhran

* Tommy Dunn (railroader, boxer)

     vocals, harmonica

* Gil Hocker (goldsmith, Warrenton, VA)

     vocals, pipes, box

* Ron Leaf (pharmacist)

     vocals, guitar

* Jim Moen (physician)

     vocals, fiddle, mandolin

* Stephen Owens (professor)

     vocals, guitar, banjo

* Denis Reen (teacher, Frederick, MD)

     vocals, whistle

  1. *Paul Douthitt (IT Professional  - below)

        stand up bass

* Vic Ward (machinist)


*Michael Owens (forester)

      equipment support

Contact Info: